Northampton and District Model Boat Club

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I.C. Model Power Boating in the NDMBC.

This club was started some 31 years ago by I.C. boaters. We have been somewhat taken over by the ‘Scalies” who now make up the majority of the clubs membership. In the past some of our racers have tasted success, in the British championships and one Junior World championship. One of our more successful members, Mick Fields, qualified for the 2008 World championships held in Leno, Italy.

It is hard to find water for model boating, even more so for I.C. boats. Our first venue was Beckett’s Park in Northampton, which we out grew on safety reasons. Our best site was Billing Aquadrome. Sadly we do not have anywhere to sail I.C. boats at the moment. This does not stop us, or small band of competitors travel to other venues around England and the Continent to compete against fellow racers.

In multi-racing there are four classes based on engine size. These are 20/30 minute races. In circuit racing there are more classes based on engine size and hull configuration. The races are much shorter typically being only 6 or 7 laps in length. Some racers design and mould their own hulls but the majority of racers buy hulls and parts from one or two manufacturers in Britain.

That’s all for now. I will try and keep these pages as up-to-date as possible. Good luck to all I.C. boaters where ever you are.

John Ives