Northampton and District Model Boat Club

Club Rules

  1. Boating should be carried out without injuring, upsetting or annoying any other club member, member of the public or wildlife
  2. Club displays should be safe for the public as well as the club membership
  3. Club members shall only use 27Mhz, 40Mhz and 2,4Ghz as allowed by the joint Radio Council.
  4. Aerial protectors and a frequency identification device shall be fitted while operating radio control.
  5. No club member shall give club opinions unless the opinion is cleared by the club officers.
  6. Junior members shall be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  7. When displaying our models nothing shall be put on display other than the models (i.e. no drink cans, food, cameras etc).
  8. All models on display are required to have identification details with them. It will make enquiries easier to deal with.