Northampton and District Model Boat Club

Steering Course

Synopsis of Course Sections

  1. H Section 'H' Section

    Reverse into the nearest section to you, once you have touched the centre cross bar come out and go round to the other side and come in bow first and touch the centre bar. Points will be deducted on touching the side bars until you touch the centre bar.

  2. Box Section Box Section

    Steer the boat bow first through the entrance then manoeuvre the boat to exit (bow first). Each time the boat touches any of the box section points will be deducted.

  3. U Section 'U' Section

    Starting on the left hand side, steer the boat (bow first) through the channel, once through then repeat using the right hand side (bow first). All points will be deducted each time the sides are hit.

  4. Chicane Section Chicane Section

    Starting at the nearest entrance to you, go through the channel (bow first), once through turn around and come back. All points will be deducted each time the sides are hit.

  5. Harbour Section Harbour Section

    This will be the last section of the course, this will be fixed to the front of the dock/standing area, it has three sizes of mooring sections, you will be told which section to go into depending on the width of your boat. Your bow will touch the dock without touching the sides. Each time you touch the sides you will have points deducted.

Every time you touch part of any sections 5 Points will be deducted from the starting score. Example. If you touch (section 2, Box sections) 4 times, 20 points will be deducted. The course structures cannot be used to aid manoeuvring your boat, if you do so it will be classed as abandoning, meaning 40 points will be deducted.

Dennis Hubble