Northampton and District Model Boat Club

Spring Steering Course 2016

APRIL 24th 2016 2pm start.


The sections of the course will be positioned around the pond to be determined on the day. Participants will be directed and scored by a judge on all sections and informed what category their boat will be in.

Tiny Boats will start with 150 points (boats up to 45cm length)
Small Boats will start with 200 points ( boats up to 60cm length)
Medium Boats will start with 250 points (boats up to 80cm length)
Large Boats will start with 300 points. (boats 100cm and over)


Each time a boat touches part of the sections 5 points will be deducted from your starting points. The cross member of the ‘H’ section and the rear end of the harbour no points will be deducted when this is touched.

The ‘H’ section you are allowed four attempts on entering the reversing side only. All others sections you are allowed two entry attempts once you are in the section you are committed. If you fail your attempts you will abandon that section and move on the next section, an abandon section 40 points will be deducted.

You may enter as many boats as you wish, but only your highest scoring boat will be eligible to go in to the final scores. You cannot use the same boat twice, but another skipper can use your boat.

There will first, second & third medals and a cup to keep for a year for the winner with their name inscribed on the cup. All cups will be presented at the Christmas meeting. If there are joint places the skippers will do a section of the course to determine their final place.

To give everyone a fair chance there will be no practice on the course before hand. If you want to test your boat out, use a section of the pond which is not being used.

Dennis Hubble