Northampton and District Model Boat Club

Club 500 Rules

Race Rules
  1. A race duration of 4 minutes, plus seconds to complete the lap you are on. (Maximum time to complete the last lap is 60 seconds).
  2. Race number boards must be attached to the cabin roof. (Number boards will be supplied at race meetings).
  3. The course shall be an 'M' shape approximatley 30x15 metres, negotiated in an anti-clockwise direction.
  4. A maximumu of 9 boats per heat.
  5. A boat may only be run by more than one competitor, if one is a senior and one is a junior.
  6. Starting Procedure:- Boats shall be placed in the starting gate. Drivers will be asked if they are ready. They will then be informed that the race will start within the next 10 seconds. The race will start on the blast of a whistle. The race is over on the second blast of a whistle.
  7. Race marshalls shall record missed bouys. A time penalty is to be imposed in each race for missed bouys, 5 seconds for each of the first two offences then one lap deducted for each offence thereafter. The circling of bouys is banned to minimise damage to any of the boats.
  8. At the end of 4 miniutes a seconds count will start. Boats will complete the lap that they have begun and the lap scorer shall record the time in seconds when the boats next cross the scoring line.
  9. The rescue boat may be used during a race if boats are in danger of sinking. Colliding with the rescue boat means immediate disqualification from that race.
  10. Drivers of dead boats must inform fellow competitors immediatly of the position on the course where their boat has stopped, using the words "Dead boat, top left" etc. Hitting a dead boat once it has been called also means immediate disqualification from that race.
  11. Scoring: Points will be awarded for the highest number of laps and part laps from one race in a regatta. The points will be 50 for the highest lap score, 40 for second, 30 for third, 20 for fourth, 10 for fifth and 5 for all other competitors who entered. The end of season results shall be a total of the four highest regatta scores during the season.
  12. Competitors can expect to hace their boats scrutinised by the race officer at any time during race meetings. The race officers decision is final.

Construction Rules
  1. All standard kit parts must be used, except for the aerofoil and dummy motor, which are optional and all components must be assembled according to the kit instructions.
  2. No modifications or additions are permissible to the outside of the lower hull.
  3. The propeller tube bearings may only be replaced by the original replacement component available from the kit manufacturer. The bearings must not be altered in any way.
  4. The propeller may only be replaced by the original 40mm M5 propeller, available from the kit manufacturer. The propeller may be cleaned up to remove any manufacturing rough edges. It must not be trimmed to make it a visibly smaller diameter. The use of any other propeller is strictly prohibited.
  5. The battery box must be fitted in the position shown on the building instructions, either permanently or with Velcro tape. It is not permitted for the box to be lowered by cuttingdown the plastic moulding. With the battery pack in place, the distance between the highest point of the battery pack and the top edge of the deck coaming shall be a maximum of 50mm.
  6. The motor may only be replaced with one of the identical specification available from the kit manufacturer. Any other motors are not permitted for Club 500 racing.
  7. A 7.2 volt sub C size Nicad or NiMH battery are the only permissible battery packs. The battery pack may be constructed from single cells or purchased as a ready-made pack. The battery pack must be constructed in a straight line, either side by side or in two sticks of three cells places together. Cells or packs that have been Performance Selected, designated as High Voltage, Matched, Voltage/Capacity Enhanced in any way, are PROHIBITED.
  8. A BEC receiver may be powered from the main drive battery. Motor control can be either a servo/micro switch combination, or an electronic speed controller.
  9. A self adhesive foam rubber strip of at least 3mm thick must be attached to the bow of the boat.
  10. The decoration of the upper hull is entirely at the discretion of the competitor however the total weight of the boat in ready to race trim must not exceed 1.65 kg.

Construction Recommendations
  1. It is strongly recommended that the access hatch in the deck moulding, is cut out in such a way that it is made as a removable cover. This can then be taped down during a race to render the entire hull watertight. The water drain hole shown on the instructions is not required and is best left closed.
  2. Internal reinforcement of the hull is recommended, particularly around the rudder tube and bow seams. This can be either by the addition of gusset plates made from scrap hull material or simply a buildup of glue.
  3. The addition of silicon and plain washers to the rudderpost will make the tube/post assembly watertight and reduce the risk of water ingress.
  4. The addition of metal thrust washers to the propeller shaft is permitted.
  5. The motor/shaft coupling should have the brass components glued or pinned into the universal join section.
  6. The part of the motor mount in contact with the motor should be covered with strips of selfadhesive thin foam tape, such as wing seating tape used for model aircraft. This prevents motor slip. Thin cable ties are best used to secure the motor. They have adequate strength and are easy to remove.
  7. Buoyancy should be added to the hull internals in the form of either airbags or foam to ensure the boat cannot sink in the event of damage or inverting.

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